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  The following are specially designed courses offered by Harriet Schiffer to groups of no more than 50 people at your location. These presentations can be in a variety of formats including Workshops, Seminars and or Lectures.

  Section 1: The Origin of the Peoples of the Diaspora
  Section 2: The History of the Emipres of West Africa-  Ghana, Mali and Songhai
  Section 3: Culture and Art

  From African Masks to Picasso and Cubism - Lecture or Workshop.
  "Yorubaland: the Art, History and Culture of Western Nigeria"
  "Art and Religion in Western Africa"
  "Kente Cloth: The cloth of Asante Kings and Asante Culture"
  "Kente Cloth: From Ethnic Symbol to African American Identity and Political Icon."
  "Black Culture and the Visual Arts: From Nommo (BAM) to Kwame Nkrumah"
  "Clothing and Weaving: Symbols of identity among the Akan of Ghana and the Maya of Mexico"