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Asante Cultural Heritage.com has a unique link with Kente weavers in Ghana so that we can accommodate special orders like the ones depicted in the picture above. 75 Asante custom scarves in the "Nkasewa" Eloquence pattern were specially woven and delivered on time so that our friends in the the above picture could participate in the Diocese of Brooklyn 2007 Statewide Conference held in Buffalo.

Pictured below are several custom fitted items created out of hand woven Kente by weavers in Asante Ghana. Please call Harriet Schiffer at 215-782-8489 to discuss your special needs and or to place your orders.

Abibiman Aghode
"The Wealth of Africa"
Channel Style Jacket
with Matching Camisole;
Sarong skirt or pants
Adwinasa Kente
Sleeveless Jumper- trimmed with Adinasa Kente buttons and pockets and short sleeve blouse

Fatia Fatima Nkrumah
Channel Style Jacket
trimmed with Fathia Kente with matching cap sleeve top
and skirt centered with Kente Cloth